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Next Committee Meeting: May 10, 2015 - School Library, 10:00 a.m.
Finalize 2016 Projects and 2016 Reunion
2016 Project - ADD 4 more Security Cameras ($3000.00)
Donations greatly appreciated.

Reunion To be Catered by Mildred's Tea Room
Pre-Registration is VITAL to keeping our cost to a minimum

Last year 82 pre-registered - We ordered 100 meals - 32 registered on site
If we did not have 17 pre-registered not show, there would have been a shortage of food.

John Watson - Marvin & Sarah Marley - Patricia Price Render - Billy & Doris Folds - Lamar Glover -
Murray & Sandra Clark - Sue Clark Lee - Angie Stembridge Rainwater - Kenneth & Sarah Potts -
Emmett & Judy Phillips McKnight - Faye York Thompson - Jeanette Jones Jenne- Janice Johnson Boydstun -
Ann Witherington Morton - Frank & Peggy Moring - Arthur & Pearle Ethridge - Jimmy Turner -
Winfred & Mildred McSween - Willaim B, Jr & Margaret Ayres - June Adcock McLain & Martha Snider -
Sidney & Jacqueline Chapman - Arthur, Joanna Word & Claude Nelson - Paul & Jackie Jones Roberts -
Jim & Margarette Avant Grimes
2016 PROJECT FUNDS ($3000 needed)
Received to date: $570
We are IRS Certified as "Non Profit" - Donations are Tax Deductible
Reunion Attendance June 6, 2015
82 Pre-Registered
- 17 No-Shows = 65 Pre-Registered Attendees
32 On Site Registered (Includes Special Guests) =
97 Total Attendance
We ordered 100 meals

Reunion Attendees June 6, 2015
Mary Smart Andrews - David W. Benton - David A. Benton - Donna Benton Tate - Sherman & Jane Benton
Janice Johnson Boydstun - Wylline & Jerry Brown - David L. Byrd - Sidney & Jacqueline Chapman
Hill & Dollie Clements - Margaret Daniel - David Dossett - Larry & Janice Everett - Billy & Doris Folds
George & Deborah Folds - Charlotte & Chico Gates - Lamar Glover - Margarette & Jim Grimes
Shellie T. & Anita Hanks - Gerald Harden - Jean Newsome Hunter - Kim Hunter Lee - Pat Herring Ivey
Dorothy Dossett Jongebloed - Jackson King - Marvin & Sarah Marley - Don & Mary McKnight
Emmett & Judy McKnight - June Adcock McLain & Martha McLain Snider - Allan McLaney
Daniel K. McSween - Winfred & Mildred McSween - Sandra Dell Miller - Jimmy Moore - June Paramore
Sara Stembridge Perry - Dwan Pilcher - Angie Stembridge Rainwater - Patricia & Cody Render
Hilda Brannon Renz - Chrystene Mullins Robbins - Paul & Jackie Roberts - Sally Ann & Roger Simmons
Faye York Thompson - Don Turner - John Holman Watson - Arthur Word
- Bobbie Sue Benton Sylvester
Joanna Word - Freddy Harden - Frank & Peggy Moring - Sue Walker Paulk - Billy Outlaw - Billy Max Hutto
Albert & Joanne Trawick - Louise Watson Lamb - Patsy Turner Cooper - Tommy Glen Daniels - Danny Dell
Russell & Pearle Etheridge - Mamie Etheridge Free - Myrtice Parish Glisson - Earl D. Matthews
Bill McSween - Maxine Parish McIntyre - Carolyn Benton McLaney - Aaron Wood - Pete Williams
Martha Smart Pate - Louis Allen Mullins

Sherri Turner & Charles Zeigler - Mayor, Lee Irby - Principal, Chuck Walker

16th Annual Reunion June 4, 2016
Program by Class of 1956 - Honoring Class of 1946

You May Now Pay and Donate Using Pay Pal
You do not need an account to use credit cards
Number Attending
Member Name
Guest Name

2016 Project


Mail Check made payable to NHS Alumni to:
NHS Alumni
3980 Highway 273
Graceville, FL 32440
2016 Program in honor of: Class of 1946
June Adcock McLain (Only member known) She will attend
2016 Program by Class of 1956
Class of 1956
Joanne Childree, Albert Trawick, Patricia Price
Angiline Stembridge, Jackie Tomlin, Ardieth Wood
Preston Rosser, Billy Outlaw, Sue Clark, Myra Horsley
Shirley Marchman, Joe England
Deceased: Sara Haisten, Marvin Haisten
Huey Outlaw, Edwin McKnight, Grady Turner
Charles Sykes

1956 History
President: Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican)
Vice President: Richard Nixon (Republican)
Chief Justice: Earl Warren
Speaker of the House of Representatives: Sam Rayburn (D-Texas)
Senate Majority Leader: Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Texas)
Congress: 85th (starting January 3)

January 8th - Elvis Presley's "Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog" single goes to #1 & stays #1 for a record 11 weeks.
March 12th - Dow Jones closes above 500 for 1st time (500.24)
April 2nd - Soap operas "As the World Turns" & "Edge of Night" premiere on TV
May 18th - Mickey Mantle hits HR from both sides of plate for a record 3rd time.
June 29th - U.S. Federal Interstate Highway system act signed.
July 30th - U.S. Motto "In God We Trust" authorized.
August 22nd - Elvis Presley begins filming "The Reno Brothers" (Love Me Tender).
September 9th - Elvis Presley appears on the Ed Sullivan Show for the 1st time.

October 23rd - First Video recording on magnetic tape televised coast-to-coast.
November 26th - "The Price Is Right" debuts on NBC.
December 20th - Montgomery, AL removed race-based seat assignments on its buses.

Hail, Hail for Ole Newton High!

Hail, Hail for ole Newton High! Hail, Hail for ole Newton High!
We get our lessons awfully good And say that weve done the best we could.
We make some Ds but we never fail. Makes us want to chew on our nails
Say again well try and try For the glory of Newton High!

Special Thanks to Charles Zeigler & Sheri Turner (Media)
Melissa Blocker (Decorations), Mildred's Tea Room (Lunch) & Mason Turner (Janitorial)
Note: Graduation from Newton High School is NOT a Membership requirement. If you attended and would have graduated with any particular class, you should consider yourself part of that class and a member of the Alumni Association.

We strongly urge each class to plan a private reunion each year on Friday before or Saturday following the Annual School Reunion. Time is fleeting as we loose members every year to death. (We have lost 148 members in death since 2000).

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