Program Presented by Class of 1953
Special Guests: (2013)
State Representative Steve Clouse
Dale County School Superintendent Donny Bynum
Dale County School Board Members
Retiring Principal Mickey Teal
New Elementary School Principal Chuck Walker
Honoring Class of 1943
Jackson King - Only member present.
Clifford Harden, Russell Goolsby,
"Pete" Williams, Lewie Tidwell,
Jimmy Moore, Jackie Hutto,
Thelda Skipper, Charles Newsome,
Willie Woodall,
Lanell Brown,
Elderine Ball, Betty Tredaway,
Wayne Benton, Damon Stembridge
Special Thanks to Charles Zeigler & Sheri Turner (Media)
Melissa Blocker (Decorations), Mildred's Tea Room (Lunch) & Mason Turner (Janitorial)
Plan Now for 14th Annual Reunion June 7, 2014
Program by Class of 1954 - Honoring Class of 1944

2014 Project - Covered Walkway between School and Gymnasium
You May Now Pay and Donate Using Pay Pal
Number Attending
Member Name
Guest Name
2014 Project
2014 Program in honor of: Class of 1944
Only Known members are Jo Bell Byrd Brown, Arthur Word,
Wynelle Hudson Phillips,
Rose Knowles and Christine Mullins Robbins
No Photos Available
Class of 1954
Hayward McKnight, Danny Thomley, David Stanford,
Robert Woodall, Grace Parrish, Billy Sullivan,
Frances Brannon, Bernon Peacock, Reba Lillian Ball,
Martha McKnight,
Roy Bryan, Carolyn Rosser,
Miriam Benton, Jean Tomlin, Ramona Aplin
Note: Graduation from Newton High School is NOT a Membership requirement. If you attended and would have graduated with any particular class, you should consider yourself part of that class and a member of the Alumni Association.

We strongly urge each class to plan a private reunion each year on Friday before or Saturday following the Annual School Reunion. Time is fleeting as we loose members every year to death.

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