Plan Now for 15th Annual Reunion June 6, 2015
Program by Class of 1955 - Honoring Class of 1945

2014 Project - Covered Walkway between School and Gymnasium
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2014 Project
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NHS Alumni
3980 Highway 273
Graceville, FL 32440
2014 Program in honor of: Class of 1944
Only Known members are Jo Bell Byrd Brown, Arthur Word,
Wynelle Hudson Phillips,
Rose Knowles and Christine Mullins Robbins
It was great to have Jo Bell, Arthur and Christine attending.
Christine says there were only seven class members.
Class of 1954
Hayward McKnight, Danny Thomley, David Stanford,
Robert Woodall, Grace Parrish, Billy Sullivan,
Frances Brannon, Bernon Peacock, Reba Lillian Ball,
Martha McKnight,
Roy Bryan, Carolyn Rosser,
Miriam Benton, Jean Tomlin, Ramona Aplin

None of this class was in attendance on June 7, 2014
Funeral for Classmate Robert Woodall was 3:00 p.m.
@ Dothan First Baptist Church.

By Diane Irby~ Hail, Hail for Ole Newton High!

Hail, Hail for ole Newton High! Hail, Hail for ole Newton High!
We get our lessons awfully good And say that we’ve done the best we could.
We make some D’s but we never fail. Makes us want to chew on our nails
Say again we’ll try and try For the glory of Newton High!

The 14th annual reunion of Newton High School was held June 7th at Newton Elementary School. An estimated 75 alumni and guests came to honor the Class of 1944. Those representing the Class of 1944 were Jo Bell (Byrd) Brown, Christine (Mullins) Robbins and Arthur Word.

The alumni of Newton High School come together the first Saturday of June every year to reminisce and to catch up with classmates and old friends and to pay tribute to those that have passed on. The annual event is sponsored by the Newton High School Alumni Association, a non-profit organization. The Alumni Association is responsible for many of the improvements made to the school over the past fourteen years. Established in 2000 the Association set it’s goal to improving their Alma Mater.

Since their inception they have raised and donated funds to build two classrooms, enlarge the lunch room and build the new gymnasium. They have completed additional projects but they are too numerous to list. The project for 2014 is to build an awning that leads from the school building to the new gymnasium. This is an expensive project and the Association is accepting tax deductible donations. You can make you donation at the school by writing a check to Newton High School Alumni Association or by contacting them via email at You can also look them up at:

They don’t want any recognition for their efforts, they feel that God has blessed all of them and this is their way of giving back. To have the teachers and students smile at them and express their gratitude is enough thanks. Principal Chuck Walker said, “I could not operate the school without the Association”. He said, “We have the nicest gym in the entire school district.” He truly appreciates all that the Alumni Association does.

From all of us at Newton News we say, “Hail, Hail for ole Newton High!” and thank you for your efforts.

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Special Thanks to Charles Zeigler & Sheri Turner (Media)
Melissa Blocker (Decorations), Mildred's Tea Room (Lunch) & Mason Turner (Janitorial)
Note: Graduation from Newton High School is NOT a Membership requirement. If you attended and would have graduated with any particular class, you should consider yourself part of that class and a member of the Alumni Association.

We strongly urge each class to plan a private reunion each year on Friday before or Saturday following the Annual School Reunion. Time is fleeting as we loose members every year to death.

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